Artlista och nycklar till Sveriges löss (Insecta: Phthiraptera)


  • Daniel R. Gustafsson
  • Emily Diblasi
  • Urban Olsson
  • Tomas Najer
  • Oldrich Sychra
  • Sarah E. Bush


Phthiraptera, löss, specialnummer, nytt fynd


A checklist of the 88 genera and 332 species of lice (Insecta: Phthiraptera) recorded from Sweden is provided, including records of 128 species and 12 genera hitherto not reported from Sweden. Philopterus linariae (Piaget, 1885) is reported for the first time from Spinus spinus (Linnaeus, 1758). Actornithophilus sedes Eichler, 1944, is reported for the first time from Calidris alpina alpina (Linnaeus, 1758). We confirm that Austromenopon lutescens (Burmeister, 1838) naturally occurs on Tringa glaroela (Linnaeus, 1758). A brief overview of the knowledge of the louse fauna in the other Nordic countries, a basic overview of louse morphology, and a key to the lice of Sweden are also provided.



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Gustafsson, D. R., Diblasi, E., Olsson, U., Najer, T., Sychra, O., & Bush, S. E. (2018). Artlista och nycklar till Sveriges löss (Insecta: Phthiraptera). Entomologisk Tidskrift, 139(4). Hämtad från