Anmärkningsvärda fynd av småfjärilar (Microlepidoptera) i Sverige 2023


  • Bengt. Å. Bengtsson


Microlepidoptera, Lepidoptera, småfjärilar, Årsrapport, nya fynd


This is the 51st annual report on notable records of Microlepidoptera in Sweden. The disposition is the same as in previous years. All reports of interesting Microlepidoptera found and reported in 2023 (or earlier), are confirmed by voucher specimens, by unambiguous photographs, or by the collectors/photographers, who have given relevant and reliable data for the records. Most information has been retrieved from the Swedish portal “Species Observation System” 1) or from related Facebook groups (FB).

The weather during 2023 was characterised by rather strong variations in Sweden, both with regard to temperature, precipitation and wind. There was no distinct influx of migrants as the wind mainly came from southwest–west.

Nine Microlepidopteran species have been recorded new to Sweden in 2023. 1) Stigmella nivenburgensis Preissecker, 1942 was first observed in larval state with typical mines on Salix pr. alba. 2) Mines with identified larvae of Antispila treitschkiella (Fischer von Röslerstamm, 1843) have been found on Cornus mas in SW Skåne. 3) Acrocercops andreneli Nel, Grange, Grange & Varenne, 2023 has been discovered among material of A. brongniardellus (Fabricius, 1798). On several occasions in 2018 and later an exceptional number of mines in oak leaves belonging to Acrocercops species have been observed, and many specimens found resting on stems and on lower branches of oaks indicate that Quercus after all might be a host. 4) Phyllocnistis asiatica Martynova, 1955, a sibling species of P. saligna (Zeller, 1839), has been discovered in three southern provinces of Sweden, while the “true” saligna so far only has been found in the province of Uppland. 5) Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton, 1856 is an introduced species found as mining larva, which later produced a hatched imago. 6) Prays oleae (Bernard, 1788) came along an olive tree bought in a garden centre in Halland. 7) Coleophora coronillae Zeller, 1849 was discovered in a garden on the host of the species, Securigera varia, and later also were found in two more sites in W Skåne. 8) Lozotaeniodes formosana (Frölich, 1830) was attracted to light in Skåne, Malmö in July. 9) Ephestia woodiella Richards & Thomson, 1932, was also attracted to a light trap in a garden in Skåne, Dalby.

Ypsolopha chazariella (Mann, 1866) was discovered in Stockholm area in a new site. Mines of the very rare nepticulid Stigmella sakhalinella Puplesis, 1984, were observed in the province of Skåne, until now only known from two other Swedish localities. The pterophorid Hellinsia inulae (Zeller, 1852) was recently discovered new to Sweden in Skåne but is now also recorded from Gotland. Phyllonorycter pastorellus (Zeller, 1846) has now also been found in Skåne and Västerbotten. Sclerocona acutella (Eversmann, 1842) has been discovered in Skåne, Småland, Öland and Gotland, which might indicate that the species has established populations in Sweden. The introduced species Zelleria oleastrella (Millière, 1864) was noticed in Västergötland and Halland, otherwise only found a few times.

A special paragraph is devoted to The Swedish Insect Inventory Project (SIIP), a completing follower to the world famous The Swedish Malaise Trap Project (SMTP). Among all Lepidoptera a specimen of Coleophora gardesanella Toll, 1953 was identified, the second record of this species in Sweden. The collected material also contained one male and two females of the very rare nepticulid Stigmella sakhalinella Puplesis, 1984.

As in previous years many species of Microlepidoptera have extended their distribution area towards the north, and additional generations were also recorded for many species.

The number of recorded species of Microlepidoptera in Sweden is 1789.



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Bengtsson, B. Å. (2024). Anmärkningsvärda fynd av småfjärilar (Microlepidoptera) i Sverige 2023. Entomologisk Tidskrift, 145(1-2), 1–21. Hämtad från




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