Några för Sverige nya skalbaggar


  • Christoffer Fägerström


Coleoptera, skalbaggar, nytt fynd


Six species of beetles new to the Swedish fauna are presented. Megasternum immaculatum (Stephens, 1829) (Hydrophilidae) has been confirmed to occur in the north of Sweden in natural conditions as well as in the south, living in compost. Carpelimus punctatellus (Erichson, 1840) (Staphylinidae) was found using suction sampling in a xerotherm ruderal area in the city of Malmö. Meligethes sulcatus Brisout de Barneville, 1863 (Nitidulidae) have been shown to occur on Lamium album in eastern Småland. Diaclina fagi (Panzer, 1799) (Tenebrionidae) was found in numbers in the province of Öland in agricultural remains with mouldy grains and peas. Psylliodes reitteri Weise, 1888 (Chrysomelidae) has been found in Scania on one occasion in two specimens in a suitable habitat. Parascythopus intrusus (Kono, 1948) (Curculionidae) was found in Scania in the vicinity of a garden center.




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Fägerström, C. (2019). Några för Sverige nya skalbaggar. Entomologisk Tidskrift, 140(1), 73–79. Hämtad från http://et-online.nu/index.php/contents/article/view/53




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