Den entomologiska verksamheten på Riksmuseet 1915–2013


  • Mattias Forshage
  • Hege Vårdal


entomologer, historia, Naturhistoriska riksmuséet


A brief history of entomology at the Swedish Museum of Natural History for the period 1915-2013 is presented in chronicle form. The time circumscription has its background in a recent 100th anniversary of the current museum building, for which there was work on an anniversary book, which has not appeared, and this is based on a contribution originally intended for that book. It concerns primarily the Entomology department (which ended as a unit in 2013 when it was part of a fusion into a Zoology department) but also includes the Entomological Society of Stockholm to the extent it has been based at the museum, as well as insect-related work in other museum departments. The chronicle gives plenty of examples of research and researchers, other staff and routines, collection growth and management, collecting expeditions and publications, work environment issues and everyday life at the department.




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Forshage, M., & Vårdal, H. (2019). Den entomologiska verksamheten på Riksmuseet 1915–2013. Entomologisk Tidskrift, 140(2), 89–106. Hämtad från