Anmärkningsvärda fynd av småfjärilar (Microlepidoptera) i Sverige 2018


  • Bengt Å. Bengtsson


Lepidoptera, Microlepidoptera, årsrapport


This is the 46th annual report on notable finds of Microlepidoptera in Sweden. During the field season in 2018 the weather was extreme with temperature much above the average, however, with some short periods of near normal conditions. The precipitation was under the annual average in the whole country except in the northern mountain areas and in the central parts of southern Norrland. In the southeast of Sweden there was locally no rain at all or exceedingly little during the summer. In 2018 many species extended their distribution further to the north. A number of species appeared in one or maybe two extra generations in the autumn due to the extreme weather conditions.

Four new species can be added to the Swedish fauna of Lepidoptera. Already in 2015 infestations were discovered in flower heads of Wild Teasel Dipsacus fullonum. In 2017 and 2018 larvae were collected, which resulted in reared moths of the beautiful Cochylis roseana (Haworth, 1811). The species was recorded from five different places in the southwest of Skåne and is supposed to be widespread in the county.

In 2017 fresh mines of Ectoedemia louisella (Sircom, 1849) were observed in the fruits of Field Maple Acer campestre in the city of Malmö. Mines collected in June 2018 produced a number of moths within a month. The species was then noted from further three places in the SW of Skåne during 2018.

On the southern shore of Skåne one specimen of Epinotia pusillana (Peyerimhoff, 1863) was attracted to a light trap in the end of July. The larva mines needles on shoots of Silver Fir Abies alba.

Finally, Scrobipalpa ocellatella (Boyd, 1858) appeared for the first time in Sweden. Four specimens were caught on light in three different places on four different occasions. The first specimen was found in a light trap on Öland on 18 September and about a week later a second specimen was recorded. The third specimen was photographed in Blekinge 6–7 October, and a fourth one was found in a light trap on Öland on 15 October. Also this species might for the moment be regarded as migrating. The larva feeds on Sea Beet Beta vulgaris spp. maritima.

The number of Microlepidoptera recorded in Sweden by 2018 is 1760




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Bengtsson, B. Å. (2019). Anmärkningsvärda fynd av småfjärilar (Microlepidoptera) i Sverige 2018. Entomologisk Tidskrift, 140(1), 1–18. Hämtad från




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