Svenska skalbaggar 1. En blev två - några artsplittar bland svenska skalbaggar


  • Christoffer Fägerström
  • Håkan Lundkvist


Coleoptera, revision, bestämningsnyckel


Recent studies of beetle specimens deposited in collections have revealed five species new to the Swedish fauna to be hiding amongst their closely related species. In some cases, the species known to the Swedish fauna are widespread and considered  common, making it easy to overlook the slight differences that separate them from the similar and less common species. Some of these species are restricted to a specific host plant or habitat, making ecological notes valuable for identification. The following species are presented: Sericus brunneus (Linnaeus, 1758) and S. sulcipennis Buysson, 1893 (Elateridae); Tetrops praeustus (Linnaeus, 1758) and T. gilvipes (Faldermann, 1837) (Cerambycidae); Trachys troglodytes Gyllenhal, 1817 and T. compressus Abeille, 1891 (Buprestidae); Meligethes subaeneus Sturm, 1845 and M. cardaminicola Audisio & Cline, 2015 (Nitidulidae); and Stenichnus collaris (Müller & Kunze, 1822) (Staphylinidae; Scydmaeninae), which has been shown to consist of two very similar species. Each species pair is described including the information on known distribution in Sweden and a key to species.




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Fägerström, C., & Lundkvist, H. (2021). Svenska skalbaggar 1. En blev två - några artsplittar bland svenska skalbaggar. Entomologisk Tidskrift, 142(1-2), 71–89. Hämtad från




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