Svenska skalbaggar 3 – släktet Clambus


  • Christoffer Fägerström


Clambus, skalbaggar, Coleoptera, Clambidae, revision, bestämningsnyckel


As a result of a careful examination of the available Swedish material of the genus Clambus Fischer von Waldheim,1821 (Coleoptera: Clambidae), our current understanding of the Swedish Clambus fauna is revised. A total of 1844 specimens were identified from museum specimens as well as private collections, resulting in eight species belonging to the Swedish fauna. In the past there was confusion about the identity of Clambus minutus (Sturm, 1807), and its distribution data were later on incorrectly transferred to Clambus nigrellus Reitter, 1914. This is now resolved and the corrected distribution for C. nigrellus is presented herein, making it clear that this is a species with very few Swedish records. Another species for which there was a lot of confusion is Clambus gibbulus (LeConte, 1850). A number of previously identified records were incorrect and this species actually has very few old records, but it has recently been collected using window traps in burnt forests. Clambus pallidulus Reitter, 1911 and Clambus lohsei Meybohm, 2004 are recent newcomers into Sweden and they are now for the first time added to the Swedish fauna. Updated distributions of all of the Swedish species are provided and an illustrated determination key is included.



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Fägerström, C. (2022). Svenska skalbaggar 3 – släktet Clambus. Entomologisk Tidskrift, 143(4), 165–180. Hämtad från




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