Bredbandad ekbarkbock (Plagionotus detritus) – ett pilotprojekt med feromonfällor (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)


  • Julia Stigenberg
  • Peder Curman
  • Yolanda Karlsson
  • Matilda Apelqvist
  • Niklas Apelqvist
  • Mattias C. Larsson


ekbock, feromonfällor, fällor, feromoner, inventering, rödlistade, Coleoptera, skalbaggar


The number of red listed species in Sweden are increasing in the latest red list (SLU Artdatabanken 2020). More efficient and effective methods for the survey of threatened species would strongly benefit the work of conservation managers. Pheromone-based surveys could be very efficient, non-lethal, and with the potential to also produce information about the biology, resource demands and phenology of a species, beyond just occurrence data. During the spring of 2022 a pheromone-based pilot study started – is there a method, quick and simple, that can be used to survey Plagionotus detritus (Linneaus 1758) in Stockholm County? 9 municipalities participated in the study with their own personnel. With fairly little effort we documented 68 findings, including occurrences in 4 new municipalities.



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Stigenberg, J., Curman, P., Karlsson, Y., Apelqvist, M., Apelqvist, N., & Larsson, M. C. (2024). Bredbandad ekbarkbock (Plagionotus detritus) – ett pilotprojekt med feromonfällor (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae). Entomologisk Tidskrift, 145(1-2), 30–38. Hämtad från




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