Evertebratinventering på Omberg i Östergötland 2021


  • Kjell Antonsson
  • Sven Hellqvist
  • Gunnar Sjödin


inventering, Östergötland, Omberg


This paper presents a large survey of invertebrates on the mountain Omberg in the county of Östergötland in Southern Sweden in 2021. The studied area covers about 22 km2 and has a large variety of habitats, e.g. oldgrowth forests, steep cliffs, fens and meadows on calcareous soils. Several collecting methods were used, in particular/mainly window-traps, sweep-netting, and pan traps. In total about 2 300 species of invertebrates were found and more than 60 of the recorded species are listed on the Swedish redlist. There were also more than 100 species new to the county of Östergötland and three Diptera species new to Sweden (Homoneura thalhammeri Papp, 1978; Odinia meijerei Collin, 1952; Geomyza annae Martinek, 1978). Among the findings are some really interesting species, which were recovery findings for more than 100 years in the county of Östergötland, for example the bark beetle Colydium elongatum (Fabricius, 1787).



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Antonsson, K., Hellqvist, S., & Sjödin, G. (2023). Evertebratinventering på Omberg i Östergötland 2021. Entomologisk Tidskrift, 144(3), 97–120. Hämtad från https://et-online.nu/index.php/contents/article/view/137